BAF to GO: Our wet food

BAF to GoYou have been waiting for these products for such a long time! Because our BAF to GO-assortment offers an extra-advantage for all who love to be on the road or for those who want to forgo a deep freezer at home. All items are produced from the same high-class raw materials like our BARF-frozen food (Rumen, Chicken-Beef-Mix, Beef Muscle Meat etc.) and are made long-time durable through a gentle special-cooking method and an advanced packaging.

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Grüner Pansen gewolft und gegart

Green Rumen/Green Tripe (minced and cooked)

This BAF to GO-product will benefit your fosterling: green rumen contains far more nutrients by nature than cleaned green rumen/green tripeand provides your four-legged friend with numerous bacteria which contribute to a healthy intestinal flora of your dog.

Pferde Menü gewolft und gegart

Horse Menu (minced and cooked)

The perfect BAF to GO-product for dogs with food intolerances. Is your forsterling allergic to commercial food? Then this menu is the ideal choice. The finely minced horse meat, combined with fresh potatoes, offers your dog a very well-tolerated protein source and additionally provides it with many vitamins and essential amino acids.

Huhn mit Reis gewolft und gegart

Chicken with rice (minced and cooked )

A very digestible BAF to GO-product: Chicken with rice. This fine food composition contains 20% rice and 80% chicken. While the rice provides your fosterling with precious carbohydrates, the proportion of meat, a mix of muscle meat, bones ands gristles, offers proteins as well as calcium and phosphate.

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Did you know that...?

BAF to Go

Care must be taken that the BAF to GO-food mixtures have to be stored dryly at room temperature and must not be exposed to direct sunlight. After opening you should store all BAF to GO-products in a cool place and feed them within 2 to 3 days.

For us, the K&K Petfood GmbH, it was very important for the development of this product line that all BAF to GO-products are made durable without the use of any additives like salts, for example. So you can be sure that all our BAF to GO-products are natural and packed sterilely.

As our BAF to GO-products need no cooling they are separated from the frozen food by an especially developed intermediate floor in the styrofoam box and can be delivered together with the frozen food!

Cooked gently, packaged specially, long-time durable, even without cooling - THAT'S BAF to GO!

About K&K Petfood GmbH

QA certified meat, the definite origin of ingredients completely originating from Germany and the resourceful production of our products enable us to guarantee a particularly high level of quality at all times.

All primary products from own slaughterhouse and only grazing livestock from Germany.

Durable for two years without cooling – THAT'S BAF to GO!

BAF to Go